16 October 2017

Q3 2017 NLMK Group Trading update

In Q3 2017, steel output increased by 6% qoq to 4.4 m t (+8% yoy); capacity utilization rate increased to 100%. NLMK Group sales grew by 1% qoq and yoy to 4.24 m t.

Q3 2017 highlights:

  • Steel output grew to 4.4 m t (+6% qoq and +8% yoy) due to increased output at NLMK’s Russian divisions driven by the seasonal uptick in demand in the Russian market.
  • Group sales grew by 1% (qoq and yoy) to 4.24 m t. Key growth factors: seasonal growth in demand in the Russian market and improved conditions in the global market.
  • NLMK Group sales in its ‘home markets’ hit an all-time high of 2.87 m t (+7% qoq) due to the +21% qoq (+5% yoy) growth of sales in Russia. The share of NLMK Group sales in ‘home markets’ grew to 67% (+3 p.p. qoq and +3 p.p. yoy).