Year founded: 2004
Production lines : electric arc furnace, continuous casting, press, rolling mill, heat treatment .
- Production capacity:
450,000 t/year
- Products : ingots, forged plates and hot-rolled heavy plates.
- Certification: ISO 9001
- Certification: ISO 18001


The Verona facility, just a few kilometres from the famous Italian city, produces ingots and heavy steel plates. The plant is renowned for the quality of its plates and its unrivalled flexibility when it comes to the production of different formats. Two thirds of its output is sold in Italy and the balance is sold mainly into Europe. Sales are also expanding into Asia and the Americas.

Thanks to its specialised equipment, it forges and rolls flat steel from 20mm to 1,500mm. Its recent investments, including a quenching and tempering unit unlike any other of its kind, enable it to be fully integrated into the Group’s industrial strategy to target niche products. It has been able to extend its range of products in a short space of time and, on top of its expertise in very thick construction steels, offer more specialist steels such as pressure vessel or tool steels.

To effectively meet customer needs, NLMK Verona has also focused on the technical expertise of its staff. It has a team of experts who are perfectly placed to meet the most sophisticated demands.

NLMK Verona

Via Antonio Salieri, 22
37050 Vallese di Oppeano (VR) ITALY
Phone: + 39 045 69 97 900
Fax: + 39 045 69 97 915

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