Year founded: 1792
Products: medium and heavy plates, quenched and tempered plates .
Production capacity:
750,000 t/year:
Markets: construction, shipbuilding, energy, transport, lifting, quarrying and mining equipments
- Certification: ISO 9001 & ISO 14001



Located in Ittre, Belgium, on the outskirts of Walloon Brabant, the Clabecq site produces steel plates of thicknesses ranging from 3 to 120 mm.

Specialising in thin plates, the plant offers a product that is renowned for its surface aspect, its flatness and its tight thickness tolerances. This is the result of impressive expertise combined with unique production equipment, including the reversible quarto mill and the continuous finishing mill with 4 independent stands on the same line.

Thanks to its recent investments, including an accelerated cooling system and a quenching and tempering unit (Q&T) which has just been commissioned, Clabecq is well established as a key player in the niche markets of line pipes, abrasion resistant steels (Quard®) and steels with very high yield strength (Quend®).

The plant is close to the port of Antwerp and at the centre of a major European motorway network, and it distributes its sheets to the four corners of the world, with a third of sales destined for locations outside Europe. To stay one step ahead, it has developed a multidisciplinary team that reacts quickly to specific customer requirements.

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Rue de Clabecq, 101
1460 Ittre- BELGIUM
Phone: + 32 2 391 91 00
Fax: + 32 2 391 98 70
Fax Sales Dept: + 32 2 391 98 90
E-mail: plates@eu.nlmk.com